ANDRZEJ WAJDA - film and theatre director

In 2000 in this dinner suit the director of the film Ziemia obiecana [The Promised Land] received, from Jane Fonda’s hands, the Oscar statuette for lifetime achievement awarded by the American Film Academy.

The same tuxedo Andrzej Wajda worn during the acceptance of the Inamori Kyoto Prize

The photographs were taken from the Jerzy Turbasa’s book, ABC Męskiej Elegancji [The 101 of Male Elegance]: phot.1 Reed Saxon AP, phot.2 Zofia Nasierowska

ALEKSANDER KWAŚNIEWSKI - President of the Republic of Poland

"The grey morning suit has fitted perfectly. The day before the wedding we arrived in Brussels. And here, at the Polish embassy they suddenly start hinting that the jacket should be black. I say: ‘Tough luck! I can’t change anything right now. After all I won’t shoe-polish the jacket’. We’re heading for the cathedral. My wife, perceptive of these things as usual, says: ‘Mr Turbasa was right! They all move along dressed in pepper-and-salt’. I feel great, because I know I’m being dressed the way I should be. All around, as one man, dressed as if the Master from Krakow tailored their suits.


Yet later, during the aperitif time at the royal palace, I spotted a strange-looking fellow. First of all, his jacket was black. Second, he had a kind of trim not included in any design protocol. Third, his shirt wasn’t white, only the collar was white, but the shirt was blue, and stripped. Fourth, he had no silver tie but a deep blue one. Fifth, his waistcoat was double breasted. What’s more, he didn’t have regular black shoes, but sort of patent-leathered at the front. I’m looking at him thinking: ‘There’s always someone like him, not knowing what to wear!’ And it wouldn’t have been a thing unless the fact it was Prince Charles."

(Aleksander Kwaśniewski, an interview with the Viva magazine).

TOMASZ STAŃKO - trumpeter and composer

Interviewed by Małgorzata Domagalik, for Pani magazine:

MD: And this suit, very stylish indeed.
TS: Sadly, I’m like a magpie.
MD: Sadly?
TS: I like shiny things, and I like to look good. All jazzmen do, I reckon.
MD: And you find yourself at ease with that?
TS: I know that tailor in Kraków, named Turbasa, I’ve been his customer for some time now. It was his father who once said to me: "Mr Stańko, you need to get yourself a set of outfits". So I did – over a dozen coats, and jackets… Recently, I’ve had to limit my shopping...


MD: Your wardrobe is too small?
TS: Yes...

ANTONI WIT - conductor, general and artistic director of Warsaw Philharmonic

CZESŁAW MIŁOSZ - poet, prose writer, translator, Nobel laureate.

In 2011, the Turbasa atelier took part in the celebrations of Miłosz Year. At 15 Gertrudy Street, we presented the original poet’s paper pattern. For the first time ever, the paper did not bare Miłosz’s poetry, but his silhouette.

KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI - composer, conductor
JAN KANTY PAWLUŚKIEWICZ - composer, painter
STANISŁAW LEM - writer, philosopher, futurologist


– L'habit vert of the French Academy Member.

Michał Ronikier from the foreword to Jerzy Turbasa's book 'ABC męskiej elegancji':

'Mister Turbasa’s class is perfectly depicted in the story told by Andrzej Wajda. Before he became a member of the French Academy he had to commission a special style tail coat, which had been first designed 200 years before by Jacques Louis David, a court painter of Napoleon I. Of course Wajda ordered his tails at Mr Turbasa’s. During the ceremony of admitting him to the French Academy Wajda noticed that Pierre Cardin, a member of the Academy himself, kept looking at him. When the official part ended Cardin approached his new colleague and said: ‘You must have had a perfect and a very expensive tailor!(...)'


In recognition of his work, Andrzej Wajda was asked to join the French Academy, taking place of Michelangelo Antonioni. When he was nominated to join les immortels, instead of ordering the usual J. L. David l'habit vert in Paris, he decided to have his outfit made in the Turbasa atelier. And while the Parisian garments are usually digitally embroidered, it took Elżbieta Drzewiecka two months to manually create the exquisite design.



Review of Jerzy Turbasa’s book ABC Męskiej Elegancji [The ABC of Men's Elegance].

What is curious, despite of mannish front matter, the book has interested even Ms. Wisława Szymborska, who discussed it in her article for 'Gazeta Wyborcza' newspaper. These comments are published inside of her book 'Nowe lektury nadobowiązkowe' (published by Wydawnictwo Literackie, 2002).


2006 – Andrzej Wajda’s l'habit vert becomes a piece of art.

Alongside of his Oscar statuette, Andrzej Wajda bequeathed to the Jagiellonian Museum his official uniform of the French Academy Members - l'habit vert. Thus, one of J.Turbasa creations found its place among other pieces of art, including the Copernicus' astrolabe.