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Begin your adventure in the land of bespoke tailoring

The Style of Turbasa

We dress the customers. Others sew suits. There is a difference.

A regular suit from our studio gives the client a boost of confidence. In it we contain the most beautiful emotions – basing on the cut developed since 1946 and the unique style of Turbasa. To this day, we use traditional techniques and most of the work is done by hand with the use of natural fabrics and tailoring accessories only – canvas, haircloth, lining, etc.

Individual approach

Our customer is our first priority

We fulfill the wishes of the customer, who chooses not only the fabric, but also the lining, buttons, decides on an optional, discreet, embroidery of his name inside the jacket to make it even more personalised. Master of tailoring and main cutter Jerzy Turbasa personally advises, creates patterns and does fitting at every stage of the suit making.


The finest selection of cloths

We offer a choice of the quality fabrics from specifically selected and renowned clothing companies. Each customer can choose from a wide range of over 300 bolts of cloth available on the spot or from a palette of about 3.5 thousand swatches of cloths available on request, including brands such as:


Ariston, Bateman Ogden, Caccioppoli Napoli, Drapers, Harrisons of Edinburgh, Holland & Sherry, Huddersfield Cloth, John Foster, Loro Piana, Scabal, Vitale Barberis Canonico 1663.


In our atelier’s warehouse one can also find some unique vintage bolts of fabric (old and unique, no longer available worldwide) that keep waiting patiently for the real connoisseurs of the art of tailoring.

Bespoke tailoring

Placing an order


First meeting

Right after crossing of the threshold of our atelier, a genuine adventure with bespoke tailoring begins. During an about fourty minute long meeting, the cut and purpose of the suit is discussed, the customer decides about the fabric and accessories, and then the exact measurement of the customer’s silhouette is taken. Our client is the most important, that is why master Jerzy Turbasa himself always offers his services at this stage. He meets the individual wishes of the customer. He will make an individual paper pattern, stored in a numbered envelope in the archive. He will expertly advise the most flattering cut or choice of fabric. He will suggest a most suitable model of shoes, shirt, tie, pocket square etc.

First fitting

During the second meeting, the customer tries on the loosely sewn together, with test threads (so-called basting stitches), outline of a bespoke suit. The cutter, with the help of chalk signs and pins, shapes a future suit so that it harmonizes perfectly with the silhouette. Together with the customer, they determine the most preferable jacket length, the width of the lapels, the length of the trousers, the details of the finishing etc.

Second fitting

During the second fitting, the customer is already able to see the proportions of the measuring suit (line and width of the lapels and shoulders, edging, line of the left sleeve, etc.), on which the last adjustments are implemented. For the out-of-town customer, we schedule the first and the second fitting on the same day at intervals of several hours.

Order collection

After the final fitting, the bespoke suit – on the company's wooden hanger and in the suitbag – is handed over to the customer. We provide final advice as for taking care of the garment, we inform about the possibility of receiving our own cleaning and pressing services at J. Turbasa’s studio. The first pressing of the suit is included in the process of the order.
We are up to other, non-conventional, forms of tailoring services as well.

Our offer includes:

Bespoke suits:

-   business suit

-   formal suit

-   wedding suit

-   sport suit

-   club suit / blazer

-   stresemann suit / stroller frock

-   a tuxedo / tux

-   tailcoat

-   morning suit

Bespoke coats:

-   hubertus coat

-   ulster coat

-   raglan coat

-   chesterfield coat

-   reversible coat

-   sport coat

-   trenchcoat / raincoat

-   duffel coat

-   pelisse / fur-lined coat

Waiting time

The deadline for completing the order is agreed with each client individually. On average, the realization of an order takes about 12 weeks. However, given the exceptional circumstances, it is possible to execute the order in express mode even within 1.5 weeks. This minimum limit is determined by the rule of making a suit according to the art of tailoring - a minimum of 60-80 hours of work.

The prices

The Master Tailor Józef Turbasa would always explain:
‘’At our atelier, sewing is free of charge – the cut is what the customer solely pays for."
Nothing has changed since then.

Single-breasted suit

from 7800 PLN

Double-breasted suit

from 8000 PLN


from 6000 PLN


from 1800 PLN


from 9100 PLN


from 4500 PLN

The prices depend on the fabric that is selected as well as the finishing.

Men’s bespoke

Exemplary projects

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