All women are beautiful. Not all of them however are dressed like they deserve.
This is the reason why shops like ours exist.



Unlike male tailoring, which is limited by some rules, female fashion is more sophisticated and fanciful. Bespoke tailoring is indispensable to Ladies who particularly treasure an appropriate outline, a masterly cut, a finish of outstanding quality and individual requirements worthy of their professional status. The well-cut, chic dress should express the wearer’s personality, temperament and aspirations.

Same as Michelangelo defined the ideal manly proportions in his masterpiece, David, we enclosed the perfect female silhouette within our cardboard patterns. Well-cut and impeccably tailored suit or coat does not, in fact, reflect the real build, but presents the silhouette as it should be.

The garment we sew are genuine artisanal pieces of art: unique and exceptional. They convey precious feelings and emotions. Every Customer is treated individually, and every order takes from 60 up to 100 hours to create. As a result everyone can count on an unique cut guaranteed by the style and timeless elegance of Turbasa, developed over 65 years.

We offer a wide range of bespoke garments including:

  • day suit, business suit, evening wear, etc.
  • jackets
  • trousers
  • skirts
  • coats
  • capes, etc.

Placing an order


Every Client is welcome to schedule a meeting with the Master Cutter. In the past it was Józef Turbasa, now it is his son Jerzy Turbasa (Contact). That is why the label 'J. Turbasa' has not changed since the foundation of the company.


    By entering our atelier, our Clients start their journey into the world of bespoke tailoring. The first step usually takes 30-60 minutes. The Customer discusses the design she has in mind, and the Master Cutter Jerzy Turbasa drafts his propositions. Together they choose the most appropriate style. Next, the Client is asked to choose the cloth (either from 300 bolts of cloth stored in our atelier, or from around 3’500 cloth samples that can be ordered on request) and trimmings (buttons, lining, etc.). We create suits and coats out of the cloths delivered by the Client herself as well.

    Subsequently, the Cutter takes measurements. Around 30 measurements and a detailed description of the Client’s silhouette are used to create an individual paper pattern, essential to complete the order. Towards the end of the meeting the date of the first fitting is set.


    The first fitting usually takes around 30 minutes. The Client puts on the loosely basted garment which already illustrates the basic proportions. The Cutter begins to introduce alterations in order to adapt perfectly the garments engineered to work in harmony with the figure. At this stage the Cutter discusses with the Customer the jacket and trousers/skirts length, the lapels width, the position of the buttons, etc.


    The second fitting requires approximately 20 minutes. For the out-of-town Clients the first and the second fittings might be organised the very same day.


    After the final fitting, the order is handed to the Client. At the same time the Master Cutter offers suggestions on how to take care of the garment. For the future, we recommend our Customers using our own cleaning and pressing services.

In exceptional circumstances we offer, non-conventional, forms of tailoring services.





Every Customer has her own individual paper pattern, which contains the description of his silhouette. The envelope containing the pattern is placed on a shelf in our archive, joining the patterns belonging to the prominent personalities of our times. This personal pattern is ready to create yet another exceptional piece of bespoke clothing without the need of taking the measurements.


"...UBIERAJĄC KOBIETĘ SUKCESU..." [...dressing a successful woman...] - Jerzy Turbasa
Wydawnictwo AA, 2007.




We offer a choice of finest cloths from specially selected, renowned clothing companies. Every customer can choose from a wide range of 300 bolts of cloth stored in the atelier, and from around 3’500 swatches that could be ordered on a special request. One can choose from among:

  • Ariston
  • Bateman Ogden
  • Dormeuil
  • Harrisons of Edinburgh
  • Holland & Sherry
  • Huddersfield Cloth
  • John Foster
  • Scabal


The date for completing an order is settled on individually. On average, making a suit takes up to 6 weeks to complete. However, it is possible to make it within a week. The minimum is set according to the rules of tailoring - at least 60 hours of work.


The Master Józef Turbasa would always say: "In our atelier the sewing is for free, Clients pay only for the cut." Nothing has changed from that time.

Our prices start at 3700,- PLN (+ the price of the cloth) for a two piece bespoke suit and 3500,- PLN (+ the price of the cloth) for a coat. The prices depend on the fabric that is selected as well as the finishing.

Please call the atelier or send an e-mail for more information.


Every garment should be cleaned at least once a year. We kindly recommend using our in-house cleaning and pressing services. We can also alter and repair garments that we have made.

More advice concerning the garment maintenance could be find in Jerzy Turbasa’s book - "ABC Męskiej Elegancji".


Should you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or via e-mail.


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Some of the photographs were taken from Elle and Twój Styl magazines.

Sketches and drawings by Jerzy Turbasa.